A Little Madness in the Spring



April 2000



The full moon, which had fallen on the Tuesday before Easter, had hindered their plans to have Harry spend the whole Easter week at the Snapes'. It was practically impossible for them to host anyone in the days that preceded the full moon: besides the exhaustive work involved in the preparing of the Wolfsbane, Severus and Ginny had to take care of Julia. So, they had talked to Harry through the Floo system and decided that Harry would arrive on Wednesday morning and stay until Sunday night.

On Wednesday morning, Ginny woke up early, in spite of the weariness of the previous day. She turned to Severus on the bed beside her and found him already awake, which wasn't usual for him. He was probably as anxious as she was. Ginny wrapped an arm around his waist and snuggled up to him. He embraced her too, in silence.

Ginny tried to convince herself that everything would be all right, but she was worried. Their marriage wasn't perfect, but she was happy with it. She didn't want a perfect marriage: it would be awfully boring! They had gone through a delicate phase after Julia's birth, because Ginny had completely lost her sexual drive for a month and a half. Severus had not only been understanding but helpful, preparing potions to make her feel better, taking care of the house duties and putting up with Molly, who had practically moved in to help them.

Harry was a happy and seductive prospect for both of them. But, what if the prospect turned out to be a total disaster? There were so many things that could go wrong.

She had told Severus he would have to be in command because he was the most jealous and possessive of them. But she knew things weren't as simple as that. Harry was jealous too. The difference between them and Harry was that Harry didn't have anything to lose, whilst Severus and Ginny were a couple and had to think about their family. It was a complicated equation, one that was hard to balance. If Severus felt he was in command, he would feel better.

"Are you worried?" she finally asked him.

He took some seconds to reply, "Moderately."

"We've talked the lot about it. I think we're prepared."

"Talking is one thing. Seeing it happening is another," said Severus.

"Everything's going to be all right. Relax. If it doesn't work, we'll still have each other."

"Yes. And Julia."

"Yes, Julia, our most precious good and our greatest torment!" joked Ginny, not without some exasperation too. Although things were gradually getting better, it wasn't easy to take care of a baby. "Can you prepare breakfast while I nurse her?"


Ginny was sitting in a chair in the kitchen, breast-feeding Julia, as Severus scrambled the eggs with a wooden spatula. The tea was ready and the table was set.

Severus was so sexy when he looked domestic like now. Ginny was used to her mother's chaotic style of working in the kitchen - it was incredible how all those things flying everywhere could end up in the right place. Watching Severus's calm and methodical style was relaxing, even during an uneasy morning like that one.

Severus turned off the stove and kept stirring the scrambled eggs for a few seconds. Then he turned to Ginny, and their eyes met. "What is it?"

"Nothing," Ginny replied. "I just love you so much."

He put down the spatula a little clumsily, and then did something even more unexpected: he knelt beside her and Julia, and covered the hand she was using to hold the baby. "This is the first time you've said these words to me when we are not in bed."

"That's because you never say them either."

"But you know that I love you!" he protested.

"Of course I know. But hearing it in your voice... it makes quite a difference."

He raised both eyebrows, as if she had spoken complete nonsense. Yet, she had a secret hope that her plan might work, and that he would thought about what she had said and maybe would try to be a little more demonstrative verbally.

Julia tired of suckling and started to squirm on Ginny's lap.

"Don't you want more?" Ginny asked her.

"Nnnnn," grumbled the baby.

Severus stood up and picked up Julia in his arms. Ginny adjusted her bra, fastened the buttons of her robes and set up the high chair for Julia. The high chair was a novelty for the baby, who had just learned to sit up with some assistance.

"Here's your frog, Julia," said Ginny, handing Julia the plush frog that was her favourite toy. "Mummy and Daddy are going to have breakfast now."


Hedwig arrived soon after their breakfast - Harry had warned them he would send her before he left Hogwarts. Severus took the snowy owl to the shed he had built in the back of the house.

Ginny put Julia in her cot in the sitting room, so that she could be around when her godfather arrived.

She was still talking to Julia when a knock was heard at the door, and she hastened to open it. There was Harry and his trunk.

"Hi, Ginny!"

"Hi!" She was eager to embrace him, but the trunk looked heavy and would hinder their movements. "Come in."

Severus joined them in the tiny entrance hall and took the trunk from Harry's hand. Ginny took advantage of that to hug Harry.

The young wizard tensed, but as Ginny held him against her, he relaxed, wrapped an arm around her shoulders and buried his face in the curve of her neck. "Ginny..."

She breathed in his scent and revelled in the warmth and smoothness of Harry's body.

Severus returned to greet Harry, and Ginny cheered inwardly when she saw the two of them embracing. They looked so perfect together. Harry had grown taller: the top of his head reached Severus's chin. To Ginny's surprise, Severus held Harry's face between his hands and captured his lips in a tender kiss. Harry closed his eyes for the few seconds, and Ginny thought they were both going to melt, but everything was too quick. When their mouths parted, Severus stared into Harry's eyes for a moment, and then turned to Ginny.

Ginny's heart was beating fast. She knew Severus was searching for her approval, so she got closer and hugged them both. They exchanged a clumsy triple hug.

"Where's Julia?" asked Harry.

"Let's go to the sitting room," said Ginny. "She's there, playing in her cot."

Ginny led Harry through the door, and they could see and hear Julia shaking a rattle. Harry approached the cot. "Wow, Julia, you're so pretty, and you've grown up really fast!"

Julia looked frightened.

"It's Harry, Julia. Your god-daddy," explained Ginny. "Don't worry, Harry. She's in that phase when the babies develop wariness of strangers."

"Dadada," said Julia, starting to relax, perhaps recognising Harry from the photo in her bedroom.

She was wearing a pink short sleeve romper suit and could move her legs freely. Harry tickled her feet; she laughed and kicked her podgy legs. Harry laughed too, and repeated the gesture. Julia laughed again and kicked even more vigorously.

"Pick her up and let's sit down and talk," said Severus.

"She loves sitting on our laps as we talk," said Ginny. "And she likes to participate in the talk, too!"




Harry reached out to Julia and was proud to see her stretching both hands to him. He picked her up and held her against his chest. Severus touched his shoulder and guided him to the sofa. Harry sat on the sofa beside Ginny and settled Julia comfortably on his lap. Severus watched them from an armchair right in front of them with a watchful and protective look on his face.

"So, how are things at Hogwarts?" asked Ginny.

Harry had no cheerful news to give them. "Not very well. Lots of fights between the Houses."

"In the last year, while Ron was still there, he told me it looked like the War had simply continued inside the castle. Slytherins and Gryffindors would fight all the time. As Head Boy and Head Girl, he and Hermione had a lot of trouble to control the students," said Ginny.

"It must've been a nightmare for both of them. And things aren't any better now, a year later." Harry searched Severus's eyes. "The Slytherins are even more resentful and revengeful than when you were their Head."

Severus brought his chin up. "They have been humiliated. Not every Slytherin supported Voldemort, but they have all been treated like scum."

"I know," said Harry. "I tried to get closer to them. I swear I tried."

"What happened?" asked Ginny.

"Nothing. They didn't want to talk to me, and the Gryffindors called me a traitor. Then I isolated myself. The only students I talk to are Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs. Especially Luna and, as weird as it may seem, Zacharias Smith.

"Zacharias! But you hated each other!" exclaimed Ginny.

Harry smiled and shrugged. "Things change."

Severus stared at him suspiciously. Harry flattered himself by thinking Severus was jealous. But soon Severus expression became unreadable again as he said, "Smith fought bravely in the last battle."

Harry nodded. "Yes, I remember. And that makes all the difference. Perhaps Luna and Zacharias are my friends because they know what it is to be in a war..."

"What about the teachers?" asked Ginny.

"The teachers? They will never change. McGonagall... Oh! I had forgotten! She's sent a letter to you, Severus." Harry fumbled into an inside pocket in his robes and produced an envelope, which Julia reached out to grab. Harry dodged her and handed the envelope to Severus. When Julia threatened to cry, Harry began to play with her toes. Julia laughed again and calmed down, just kicking when Harry tickled her. "McGonagall, Flitwick, Slughorn, Sprout, Trelawney, Hooch... they will always be the same," said Harry.

Harry wasn't going to tell them how he missed Hagrid. He supposed it was more painful for Ginny, who had lost her brothers in the War, to be reminded of the losses than it was for him. He also couldn't mention that, in spite of McGonagall's competence and caring, Hogwarts had lost part of its magic after Dumbledore's death.

Severus opened the envelope and produced an impeccably folded parchment. As he read it, several emotions seemed to pass over his face. When he finished reading it, there was a soft glow in his eyes.

"What is it, Severus? Tell us what's in the letter," said Ginny, perching on the edge of the sofa.

"She is inviting me for tea in her office next week. She says that everyone misses me." Severus looked thoughtful. "Of course it is a lie. I mean, she misses me. Perhaps Flitwick and Sprout, too... We used to get along quite well."

"Of course they miss you," said Ginny. "And it's wonderful that she's invited you."

"I'm not sure I want to go back there," said Severus.

"I know how you feel," said Harry. "That place holds so many bad memories... But I think you should go. McGonagall really likes you. She beamed when I told her I would be spending Easter in your house. She looked very moved. And before I left, when she gave me this letter, she was rather emphatic... She all but told me she'd take fifty points from Gryffindor if I forgot to give it to you!"

Ginny laughed, and Julia laughed too.

Severus's mouth twisted in a sardonic smile. "She doesn't like me to that point."

"But you'll reply to her, won't you?" asked Harry.

"I will."

"Babababa..." said Julia.

"And are you going to accept her invitation?" insisted Harry, testing Severus's patience.

"It wouldn't be Slytherin to refuse an invitation by such a distinguished person as the Headmistress of Hogwarts," declared Severus.

"Don't pay attention to his words, Harry. He's bubbling up with happiness inside," said Ginny.

The image of Severus bubbling up made Harry laugh, and Julia clapped her hands.

Severus crossed his arms in front of his body and glared at Julia. "Et tu, Iulia? This is nothing but a conspiracy against me." Then he narrowed his eyes at Harry. "Let's talk about serious subjects: Harry, what is your studying schedule for this week?"

"Schedule? Well, I've brought all my textbooks with me. I've already done the Transfiguration and the Defence Against the Dark Arts homework, but I still have to do the Potions and the Charms essays. I also have to continue studying all the subjects and practise charms and spells for the NEWTs."

"How do you like Shacklebolt as a Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher?" asked Ginny.

Harry shook his hand as if saying "so-so".

"Rumours circulate that the Ministry practically forced him to accept the position. The Ministry wanted to have someone there keeping an eye on the students, because of the contentious atmosphere," said Severus.

"Really? That wouldn't surprise me. He's qualified, but he's not very patient with the students," complained Harry, and almost bit his tongue when he remembered with whom he was speaking.

Severus scowled at him. "You students should be concerned with learning, not with judging your teachers."


Ginny intervened, "Oh, come on, Severus, you were a student once too. Don't tell me you have never criticised your teachers."

Severus arched an eyebrow. "Just the incompetent ones. I would like to go back to our previous subject, though." He looked at Harry intently. "We can adjust our schedule to meet your needs, if necessary. Clara... Mrs Attwell, our assistant, is an old Hufflepuff, a reliable and efficient person. So we don't have to worry about our customers. I usually prepare the ordered potions in the morning. Today was an exception."

"Because of me? I'm so sorry and thankful."

"Sales are weak and things are quiet this week because of the holidays," explained Severus. "In spite of that, we will keep the apothecary open until Thursday. In the mornings, Ginevra takes care of Julia and the house; in the afternoons, we take turns. We seldom have any time to research as we did before Julia was born, but we expect this will get better as Julia grows up."


"Well, I can help you to take care of Julia while I'm here," said Harry, gazing down at the little girl, who looked very happy on his lap and talking with the adults.

"No way," said Ginny. "You have to study."

"Right, but I can't study all the time! Besides, I don't have to study all alone in my bedroom. I can study in Julia's bedroom, while she plays with her toys."

Ginny looked unconvinced, but didn't say anything.

"It's up to you to decide," said Severus. "However, if I notice you are not studying..."

"... you will put me in detention," finished Harry.

"No. I will punish you physically."

Severus's statement evoked in Harry a weird mixture of amusement, fear and arousal. Yet, he realised Severus was speaking seriously: he had taken upon himself the task of making him study during the time Harry would stay in their house.

"All right, sir," answered Harry, keeping the playful tone.

"About the practical part of your training," added Severus, "I am willing to mentor you. In order to avoid any damages to our neighbourhood, we can practise in a field near the Forbidden Forest. I suggest we do that in the afternoons, after five o'clock, when I close the apothecary."

"You'll mentor me? I'm doomed!"

"You will have to put an effort in to improve your skills," said Severus. "As for our meal routine, it is very similar to Hogwarts', so I believe you will adapt easily to it. We have breakfast around 8 AM; lunch between midday and 1 PM; tea at 5 PM - but I propose we to have it at 4 during the time you stay here, so that we can begin your practical training at 5 - and dinner at 8 PM."

"What about Julia? What's her routine?" asked Harry, who didn't know anything about babies and was very curious about it.

"Julia has been sleeping all night long lately," said Ginny. "It was very hard, in her first weeks. She simply didn't have a routine. Severus and I almost went mad. But now she's being a good girl. Sometimes she takes naps during the day, especially after midday. I nurse her as soon as she wakes up, and then every four hours. She usually follows our routine. I nurse her before our meals. She'll complete six months on Easter Sunday, and then we'll start introducing solid foods in her diet: cereals, strained vegetables and fruits... one food at a time."

"You look fine. As the matter of fact, all of you look fine," commented Harry.


"Especially you, sweetie pie," said Harry, smiling at Julia. "Oh, I was forgetting! I've brought a present for you. Will you stay put on the sofa while I go and fetch it?"

"Pass her to me," said Ginny.

Harry settled Julia on Ginny's lap, then looked around and found his trunk where Severus had left it, on a stool at the other side of the sofa, behind Ginny and Julia. He walked to the trunk, opened it with a flick of his wand and produced the big package he had carefully placed there. Then he sat beside Julia, and they started to unwrap it together, because Julia wasn't skillful enough to do it alone.

"This time your god-daddy brought you something really big!" said Ginny.


"Did you hear that, Ginevra?" asked Severus. "She has just used three syllables in the same sentence! This girl is a genius."

"Of course she's a genius. She's our daughter!"

Harry smiled as he struggled to unwrap the present: Severus and Ginny were the typical proud parents. Finally, Harry got rid of the wrapping paper and unfolded the Magical Activities Mat he had bought for Julia. It was an inflatable circular mat, fabric covered, with colourful stamps, magical plushies fastened with velcro and hanging accessories.

"Blimey, Julia, isn't it amazing?" asked Ginny.

"Tadatabata!" cried Julia, grabbing the small colourful snail that winked at her and waved its antennae gingerly.

Severus stood up and helped Harry place the mat on the floor. Harry inflated it with a touch of his wand, and Ginny settled Julia on its centre.

"Thank you, Harry," said Ginny. "She'll have a lot to play with!"

"A most intelligent present," said Severus, looking at Harry with a mild approval.

"This way I'll be able to take care of her and study at the same time!" said Harry optimistically. "I also brought a present for you two." Harry walked to his trunk again, took out a bottle of Armagnac, and gave it to Severus.

"Oh... Château de l'Aulne. This is the best Armagnac in the world. It is made by druids," commented Severus. "Thank you. We shall open it tonight, after dinner."

Harry wondered if he hadn't forgotten anything else, and suddenly he remembered there was someone missing there. "Where's Arnold?"

An eerie silence fell over the room. Ginny and Severus exchanged meaningful looks and even Julia stopped playing with her new toys to look at Ginny expectantly.

"Er..." said Ginny. "I hope you don't mind sharing your bedroom with him. We tried to make him stay with Julia, but..."


"... Julia still can't coordinate her movements very well, so when she grabbed Arnold, well... she didn't hurt him... hard. Severus saved him. But now Arnold is traumatised. He's terribly afraid of Julia and panics every time he sees her."

Harry shook his head, trying not to laugh. "Poor Arnold!"


Ginny led Harry upstairs and showed him the couple's bedroom (Harry noticed the bed was spacious), the office (which Ginny said Harry could use to study whenever he wanted), Julia's bedroom (which was a bit messed up) and the bathroom. When they passed by the hallway, Harry saw Julia's clock. Its single hand was moving from "crying" to "playing with daddy". Harry smiled and followed Ginny upstairs. Ginny showed him his bedroom in the attic. There was a single bed and a wardrobe. The floor was carpeted and there were three cushions on it. On one of them it was Arnold, who climbed on Ginny's shoulder as soon as she got close enough.

"Poor darling," said Ginny, stroking her pet. "Now we hardly have time for you."

Harry set his trunk on the carpet. Ginny showed him the window, which looked out to the street where they lived, with its little thatched cottages, and the green fields beyond, stretching right up to the border of the Forbidden Forest.

"Make yourself comfortable, Harry. The place is yours."

"Thank you." Harry sat down on the bed. "Do you have some time to talk now?"

"Of course. Severus's with Julia downstairs, and it's too early to cook lunch."

Ginny sat down on one of the cushions with Arnold on her lap.

"I... don't know how to ask this, but... are you sure this is going to work?" asked Harry.

"You mean... the three of us?"

"Yeah. Won't this cause trouble for you two and Julia, if someone finds out?"

"Why? Oh, I suppose you're saying that because of the Muggle customs and laws?"

"I don't know how these things work in the Wizarding World. No one ever talks about such things."

"Yes, that's the point... We don't have any laws against homosexual practices, polygamy or polyandry. Trouble arises just when there are heritage or paternity disputes. In such cases, the officially married couples usually win the trials. But... you're not going to sue us, are you?" Ginny arched an eyebrow in a very Snapish way.

"Of course not. But... if it's not forbidden, why does no one talk about it, and why do we have to keep it secret?"

Ginny shrugged. "Maybe it's because of the Muggles... our Ministry is linked to theirs. But I don't think it's just that. In the Wizarding World, such practices aren't considered exactly... normal."

"Er... Playing the devil's advocate, in this case it wouldn't be better to treat the abnormal people medically?"

"Oh, wizards and witches are so used to eccentricity that they don't think necessary to do something about it. It works like that: if people find out you're involved in an unconventional relationship, they'll think you're eccentric. Some of them will laugh at you, others will gape, and others will just shrug and move on."

"I see. It's not nice to be considered an eccentric, but at least we won't be sued or go to Azkaban for that."

"The trick is not to talk about it. Severus told me that's what the gay wizards do."

Harry couldn't help being astonished at what was happening, and at the talk he was having with Ginny. "Does he tell you this kind of thing?"

"Oh, no. I mean, not spontaneously. Severus is a very reserved man. But I know how to make him talk when I really want to know something..."

Harry stared at her in awe. She stood up, as if ready to leave, and he got up too. He was attracted to her like a moth to a flame... He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and kissed her.




Julia began to cry as soon as Ginevra and Harry walked away. Severus sat on the centre of the mat with her.*

"Have you noticed, Julia, that here in your mat you can find all the animals that represent the Houses of Hogwarts?"


"Yes," answered Severus. He knew he would have to wait about six months to hear Julia's first words, but it was impressive that she could already give intonation to her babbling. "Look. This one is the lion, the symbol of Gryffindor, the House where your mother and your godfather belonged."

"Dadadada," said Julia, grabbing the lion and stroking its mane.

Only Julia could help him to keep his thoughts away from what Harry and Ginevra could be doing upstairs, just the two of them.

Severus focused on the clever little girl that was the centre of his universe and went on, showing her the Ravenclaw eagle, the Hufflepuff badger and the Slytherin snake. Julia listened to him attentively. For her he was, right now, the centre of her universe too.

A few minutes later Ginevra came back and told him Harry was unpacking and would be studying in his bedroom until lunch. Ginevra left for the kitchen, and Severus stayed with Julia until nursing time.


After lunch, Harry levitated Julia on her mat into the office, where he was planning to study. Severus mockingly told him that that was an illegal activity and that Harry might go to Azkaban, since flying carpets were not allowed in the Wizarding World. Julia was so excited that Severus was afraid she would not sleep after lunch as she used to do, and would not leave Harry alone for a moment. Severus shrugged inwardly: Harry was not a child any more. He would have to learn to deal with his problems.

Severus went to "The Simmering Cauldron" to replace Clara as she went out to lunch. Only two customers came in during the 50 minutes he spent behind the counter. When Clara returned, Severus went to the cellar to prepare the potions the customers had ordered.

About an hour later, Severus finished the potions. He had to let them rest before bottling them up. Severus went upstairs. Passing through the office, he saw Harry lying on Julia's mat,* reading Adalbert Waffling's Advanced Magical Theory, the required textbook for the seventh-year Charms students, while Julia and - what a surprise - Arnold were sleeping, one at each side of him.

Severus smiled and walked away silently.

He found Ginevra in the kitchen, baking fairy cakes for tea, and overwhelmed her with passionate kisses, his arms all around her, his tongue teasing hers.

"Hmm... This is just because Harry's here?" she asked, when he let her breathe for a second.

"You are always busy with Julia. Now that he's taking care of her, I would be a fool not to take advantage of the opportunity."

She stared at him suspiciously, and he knew that, although she was not a legilimens, she could read him too well.




With a pair of magical glasses that worked as binoculars (one of the oldest Weasleys' Wizard Wheezles creations), Ginny could see, from Julia's bedroom window, Harry and Severus practising on the green fields near the Forbidden Forest. They were duelling hard. Severus was relentless, but Harry was a worthy adversary. Harry was not a puny boy any more. He wasn't as tall as Severus, but his legs were lithe and long, and his movements were deft.

Kestrels were hunting smaller birds around the nearby trees and a red kite swooped down and passed quite close to them.

Severus had said they would practise for about an hour, but they had been duelling for almost an hour and a half now. When one of Harry's spells threw Severus on the ground, Ginny became worried, but she felt relieved to see Harry helping Severus up. When Severus was up again, Harry didn't release him: he pulled him against his body and kissed him. Severus responded by pushing Harry against an alder tree and...

Ginny couldn't see anything but Severus's back, but she was sure Severus wasn't brushing dead leaves from Harry's shoulders. It wasn't a time for dead leaves. Fresh leaves were beginning to bud forth - a thousand green lights sprouting on the alder tree.




As the night approached, Harry began to feel a little anxious.

After Ginny nursed Julia for the last time that day, Julia refused vehemently to go to sleep in her bedroom by crying her heart out. She only calmed down when Ginny sat her on her high chair and let her stay with them as they had dinner.

Dinner was pleasant: beef, green beans, potatoes, carrots, gravy and a bottle of red elf-made wine. They talked about their lives in the last weeks. Nothing remarkable had happened since Christmas, but Harry thought that was a good thing. After all the tragedies and dramas of the War, what they most wanted was peace and tranquillity. The epic period had ended. The world was still full of problems, though, and Severus and Ginny were building something - it was something simple and ordinary, but it was beautiful nevertheless.

After dinner, they went to the sitting room. Severus served the Armagnac in snifter glasses, and they sipped it slowly, relishing it. Julia finally fell asleep on Ginny's lap, and Ginny took her to her bedroom upstairs.

As soon as Ginny left, Severus stood up from the armchair and stretched his hand to Harry, who was on the sofa. Harry hesitated for a second, then held Severus's hand.

"Let's go to the bedroom, shall we?" said Severus.

Harry stood up, his heart racing. Without letting go of Harry's hand, Severus led him up the staircase.




Severus entered the bedroom, waited for Harry to come in and embraced him. The bedroom was still dark and he had left the door open so that Ginevra could join them. Their lips locked in a slow, delicate kiss. Severus breathed in Harry's scent and soaked up his warmth, revelling in the feel of Harry's body against his.

When they broke apart, Severus saw Ginevra lying on the hazel coverlet, her flaming hair tumbling around her shoulders in the soft light of the candle she had lit. She looked tired at the end of a stressful day. Her pose was not erotic at all, and she was still in her clothes. However, seeing her like that, so natural, so herself, evoked a strong affectionate and protective feeling in Severus.

Severus led Harry on to the bed, having him lie between Ginevra and himself. Ginevra leaned and dropped a soft kiss on Harry's lips. When Harry turned to embrace her, Severus snuggled behind him, worming an arm around his shoulders and spreading small bites down the curve of his neck. Then he swiped his tongue across Harry's earlobe, sucking it into his mouth and teasing it with his teeth.

Harry moaned and jerked forwards and backwards, as if his body were undecided between his two lovers. With a frustrated sigh, Harry blustered, "Okay. Which of you shall I attack first?"

Severus looked at Ginevra over Harry's shoulder, and saw her shaking her head.

"We have other plans for you," she said.

"The short answer would be 'neither'," said Severus when Harry turned around to hear his reply.

Ginevra grabbed the hem of Harry's robes and pulled them up. Severus helped her to get rid of that annoying barrier between them and their young lover's body. Severus's throat dried when his eyes rested on Harry's pale skin and lean but well-defined body. Ginevra greedily ran her hand down to Harry's ankle and back up along the inside of his calf. Because just devouring Harry with his eyes wasn't enough, Severus decided to taste him with his mouth, and leaned to suck one of Harry's inviting nipples.

"Oh, God," murmured Harry, holding Severus's head where it was and arching up his hips towards Ginevra, who was probably having fun down there (and Severus knew she could drive a lover mad, if she wanted it).

Since Severus was curious to find out exactly what was happening down there, whilst he swirled his tongue around the velvety nub, he also slipped his hand between Harry's legs. Not only did he find that Ginevra had already released Harry from his underpants, but he found Ginevra's silken hair just there.

Severus believed he was being most generous, but it wasn't his intention to let Ginevra have fun all alone...

Severus traced a wet line down the centre of Harry's body, stopping to slide his tongue inside the hollow of a lovely navel before travelling lower and burying his nose in the black curls of the young wizard's pubic hair.

Then he raised his head and saw Ginevra slowly running her tongue along Harry's erection. Severus felt his own cock twitch before that scene. Unable to hold himself, he carefully lifted Ginevra's head and kissed her slowly, sliding his tongue deep into her mouth and tasting Harry's flavour mixed with the intoxicating hint of the Château de l'Aulne.

Severus cupped her breasts over her robes, and Ginevra moaned softly.

"Hey, you," protested Harry, half-jokingly, half-angrily. "What about me?"

"Patience is your friend," sentenced Severus as he watched Ginevra slithering up Harry's body.

She took one of Harry's nipples between her fine white teeth and gave it a light tug, then scraped her teeth against it in a playful bite. Harry tilted his head back.

Severus smirked and wrapped his lips around the wet tip of Harry's cock. He hadn't had sex with a man for more than two years. He didn't especially like to give head, but more than one of his lovers had told him he was good at it. Severus hoped it was true: he really wanted Harry to like it. He started sucking and pumping, moving his head in time with his hand. When he stopped briefly to check how Ginevra was doing up there, he saw her nibbling her way down towards him. She gave him a significant and lustful smile, and came closer. Severus allowed her to take his place. Ginevra grasped the base of Harry's erection and licked around its head. Severus leaned forward, desire running like fire in his veins, and brought his mouth to join hers. They kissed, their tongues dancing around the crown of Harry's cock.

"Bloody hell," exclaimed Harry, putting a hand to the back of each of their heads. "Don't you dare to stop."

Severus and Ginevra started to trade off, each engulfing and sucking Harry's cock in turn as Harry jerked up to meet every downstroke. After a few moments, Severus felt a tremor run through Harry's body, and kept sucking. Harry's seed filled his mouth, and he greedily swallowed it.

When Harry had spent himself completely, Ginevra brushed her lips on Severus's face, and he captured her mouth in a hungry kiss.

Severus and Ginevra stood on their knees on the bed and looked at Harry, who was slowly recovering from the orgasm and glaring at them.

"That was a low blow," murmured Harry.

"Is that how you thank us, insolent youth? There is a lady waiting here," said Severus in a challenging tone, taking off Ginevra's robes and leaving her in her bra and panties.

Harry finally reacted and knelt up on the bed to caress Ginevra's breasts over the silk. A mesmerising scene unfolded in front of Severus' eyes: Harry, naked, unhooking Ginevra's bra and then cupping her breasts delicately, almost reverently.

Ginevra grabbed Harry around the waist, dragged him down and rolled on top of him. They exchanged a long, passionate kiss. Impatient, Severus decided to explore the back of the young woman he knew so well. He put his knowledge to good use, running lips and fingers over the areas that made Ginevra shiver and moan: the curve of her neck, the base of her spine... Unable to contain himself, Severus slid down her panties, stroked her delightful buttocks and nibbled at her soft flesh.

Ginevra turned to him, her eyes smoky with desire and urgency. "Aren't you going to take your robes off?" she said, kneeling up. "Harry, will you help me here?"

Severus pretended to be annoyed when Ginevra held his arms over his head and Harry pulled up his robes. A fire flashed into Harry's eyes as he looked at Severus's body and ran his fingers through Severus's chest hair. Severus couldn't keep focused just on what Harry was doing, though, because Ginevra was pulling down his underpants, and he was sure her intentions were anything but innocent. "Ginevra, don't. Come here," he pleaded, stretching out his hand to her.

Ginevra complied and came to lie beside him. Severus wrapped an arm around each of them and they rolled over each other. Severus revelled on the feel of skin on skin and knew he wouldn't be able to stand it much longer.

"I will prepare her for you," Severus murmured in Harry's ear. "Would you like it that way?" he asked Ginevra.

She nodded and lay down languidly. Harry lay down to join her. They made an enticing picture for Severus's eyes to feast upon: his two young lovers, naked in bed, with Harry covering the upper part of Ginevra's body. Harry was paying a lot of attention to her neck, and Ginevra was clearly enjoying it.

Severus nudged Ginevra's legs open with his hands, and rubbed his nose on her patch of red, soft hair. Oh, he loved to lick her. He slid his tongue inside her, probed her, explored her, then dug through her folds to find her clit. He tasted her wetness, and marvelled to find her so aroused. Her clit was swollen and peeking out at him. He knew that she was his, but this time he would have to be generous and let Harry have her.

"Now it's your time, lover boy," said Severus, his voice unrecognisably hoarse.

Harry looked at him with a mixture of lust and hesitation, but the hesitation didn't last more than a second. Severus admired the elegance with which Harry traced a path of kisses down Ginevra's body to her ginger pubic hair, where he dropped a tender kiss.

Severus reached out to open the bedside drawer and take out the lube. When he started spreading lube on his cock, Ginevra and Harry turned to watch him. For a moment, Severus felt embarrassed. He wasn't used to have an audience... But then he tried to tease them, closing his eyes as if he were enjoying the experience more than he really was, and gliding his hand down his length very slowly.

Harry choked, and Ginevra had her eyes wide open when Severus opened his.

Severus quirked up an eyebrow. "What is it?"

"Teaser," said Harry.

"Exhibitionist," said Ginevra.

"If you two want action, what are you waiting for?" asked Severus, positioning himself behind Harry.

He palmed Harry's shoulders, then bent down to bite the smooth skin along Harry's spine, spending extra time in that fold of soft skin where Harry's thighs met his arse.

Harry turned to Severus. "Are you going to..."

"You don't want me to?" asked Severus, finding him hesitant.

"No, it's not that. It's okay."

"You have done this before, I presume."

"Yeah, sure," said Harry.

"Don't worry. I will be extra careful. After all, my wife would be under you."

Harry gave a shy smile. Then he turned to Ginevra again and stroked her thighs languidly before sliding inside. Ginevra gasped, but Harry was careful enough and waited until she relaxed to continue.

Watching Harry's arse flex as he moved inside her was enough to urge Severus to act. He coated his fingers with lube and gently massaged the tight puckered entrance. Harry let out an appreciative groan. The young wizard seemed to be in a privileged position, sandwiched between his two lovers, and Severus decided not to wait any more: he removed his fingers, positioned his cock at Harry's entrance and penetrated him in a smooth but firm thrust.

Severus's weight on Harry's back made Ginevra moan in pleasure. Harry buried his face in Ginevra's shoulder, tightening the muscles in his arse. He was so hot and tight and perfect. Severus reached down to the point where Harry and Ginevra were connected, and felt him sliding inside her. Kissing the back of Harry's neck, Severus pressed his fingers along Harry's hips and pounded into Harry's body. When Ginevra threw her legs over both of them, the feel of her smooth feet pressing against his buttocks sent Severus to the edge.

"Oh, fuck," he heard himself saying. He was almost there, but he didn't want to climax before Ginevra. Cunningly, Severus gave a particularly deep thrust and Ginevra moaned, arching her back as the waves of her orgasm encompassed her body.

Severus shivered at the beauty of that sight, then pulled back just to change his angle and plunge to the root. He felt Harry tightening all around him, and bit Harry's shoulder hard as his own body convulsed, engulfed by waves and waves of pleasure.

The three of them collapsed on the bed, in an entanglement of limbs.

After a few moments, Severus managed to crawl out from under an arm, a breast and a leg to cast a general cleaning spell. Harry had a sated look on his face, and Ginevra invited the two of them to join her under the sheets, one at each side of her.


The End

The title of the story comes from a poem by Emily Dickinson:
A little Madness in the Spring
Is wholesome even for the King.

* Although Severus and Harry were apparently too big to fit in Julia's Magical Activities Mat, because said Mat is a magical object, its space is magical too. There's an interesting essay on Lexicon that deals with this subject.

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