'Appy Togezzer



July 2001


They looked so happy, playing together in the Burrow's garden. It was hard work to host them, but Molly loved those rare moments when the Burrow became again a joyful place as it was when her children were small.

From the sitting room window, Molly watched Julia kicking the ball to Harry. Julia had already learned to talk and walk, and loved to do both things. Now she was learning to play Muggle football. But out of all of Julia's achievements, the one that most surprised Molly was the way the little girl had changed Severus: he had learned to play, and sometimes he even smiled (Heaven forbid if he were to ever get caught doing it, though!)

Harry had also learned to smile again since he had moved into the Snapes' a year ago. Before that time, Harry seemed not only sad, but lost. Severus, Ginny and Julia had given him a home and a purpose.

Molly envied her daughter, in a way. Here, playing with her beloved ones, Ginny didn't look like a married woman and a mother of a child. It was amazing that she had been able to keep a solid relationship with two men as different and apparently opposed as Severus and Harry.

Molly found it amusing that they thought that she didn't know - children always think their mothers are naïve and don't see what's in front of their eyes. When Harry had finished Hogwarts and moved to the Snapes', everyone had thought he would stay just until he could find a job. However, by September he had started teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts and had continued living with Ginny and Severus.

When Molly had first noticed friendship wasn't the emotion she could see in the looks they exchanged, she had felt scared. But with time she had realised that, whatever there was between them, it was doing them good.

Molly didn't want to know the details of their relationship. Even if the Magically Modified Digital Spy Camera (which had broken many months ago) was still working, Molly wouldn't use it to spy on them. All that mattered was that they were happy. She loved Harry as if he were her son. Severus and Ginny's marriage had prevented Harry from becoming her son-in-law - that was the only thing she regretted about it. But all had come to a fine end.

"Zey are so 'appy togezzer, n'est-ce pas?" asked Fleur, joining Molly and pressing her nose to the window.

Molly grinned at her daughter-in-law, wondering if she had noticed it too. Probably she had. Luckily, besides intelligent and perceptive, Fleur knew how to be discreet.

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