Baphomet I

The Lion, the Serpent and the Grail

I - The Slytherin and the Parselmouth
II - The Green Lady
III - The Green Light of Avada Kedavra
IV - Bubhall
V - Septuor
VI - Settings and Masks
VII - Strategies and Tactics
VIII - Christmas
IX - Slytherin's Manuscript
X - The Grail
XI - Magical Empathy
XII - When the Stars Threw Down their Spears
XIII - No More Obedience Pay!



Baphomet II

The Quest

Part I - You Can't Be Killed If You Are Already Dead

I - Stopper Death
II - The Mirrors
III - The Headmaster Explains


Part II - The Horcruxes


IV - No Exit
V - The Cup
VI - Glow Worms
VII - The Great Glen
VIII - A Crooked House
IX - The Locket
X - Guilt
XI - Heroes in Pyjamas
XII - Brilliant
XIII - The Last Horcrux
XIV - On the Chessboard
XV - The Final Mystery




Theft of the Hallow

(A detective story set in the same universe as Baphomet)

Fanfiction (Index)

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