Chapter XII - Brilliant


Severus stepped out of the bath, cast a spell to dry his hair and put on an emerald dressing gown with the Slytherin crest on the left lapel.

Upon entering the bedroom, he found Harry, already bathed, waiting for him under the sheets.

The look the boy gave him was so meaningful that even if they weren't sharing each other's thoughts Severus would have understood the message: Harry was as anxious and eager as himself.

Severus sat on the bed beside him. Sweet irony: the sheets were impeccably white. Harry pulled an arm from beneath the sheets - he had already undressed, Severus noticed - and tugged at Severus's dressing gown. Severus let Harry undo the cord of his dressing gown, and helped him to complete the task. Perhaps it was a good strategy to let Harry take the initiative. Not that his strategies weren't transparent to Harry. A little annoyed with the idea that he couldn't keep secrets from his young lover, Severus got rid of the dressing gown, put the lubricant phial and his wand on the bedside table and slipped under the sheets.

"You're more nervous than I am," said Harry. "If you don't want it, we don't have to do it, you know..."

Severus silenced him with a kiss. This strategy worked wonderfully. They pushed the white sheets away and their bodies adjusted to each other, skin to skin, flesh to flesh.

"Oh... It's so good!"

"Yes... Talk to me, Harry."

"I know, this mind-sharing thing is so confusing. Sometimes I don't know if I'm myself or if I'm you."

Severus gently brushed Harry's hair away from his face. "Our voices can act like anchors and help us not to lose ourselves."

They were lying facing each other. Harry's hands roamed over Severus's chest, fingertips circling his nipples, teasing and moving away. Severus let out a frustrated sigh and Harry finally took pity on him, lowering his face and swirling his tongue around a nipple.

Severus moaned and buried his fingers in the unruly hair of his impish lover, who was now gently grazing his teeth on the sensitive flesh, and then sucking and blowing and licking.

"Oh... Where did you learn to do that?"

It was a silly question; Severus knew Harry had never had another lover. Harry had learned to do exactly what gave him pleasure, and vice-versa. This was one of the benefits of sharing thoughts and sensations.

Funny that, in spite of this, their love-making was never monotonous. He really should be used to the way those hands and lips and tongue worked a type of magic all of their own, but he wasn't. Nor would he ever be. Each of Harry's gestures had an impulsive and intuitive quality that surprised Severus.

"You're not boring either," said Harry. "You're intuitive too, and sometimes you respond so fast, and you're so... intense!"

Intense... Everything he felt for Harry was intense. There wasn't anything calm in the way he loved and desired this boy. Sometimes this scared him.

"But I like the way you like me."

"Because you are a Gryffindor and like passionate, reckless things."

Harry smirked. Severus wedged a leg between his, trapping Harry's erection and rubbing his own erection against the soft flesh of Harry's thigh. Now it was Severus's hands moving over Harry's body and his lips nipping and licking and sucking, leaving a trail of small marks - marks that only he could leave.

"Mine. All mine. Only mine."

"So possessive," said Harry.

"I am not joking."

"Tonight I'll be completely yours."

"No. You are already mine. What we will do tonight doesn't change anything. There will be no earthquakes or fireworks... Or at least they will probably be no more intense than what you have already experienced. After all, you have already come with my fingers and my tongue inside you. That is, presuming you are willing to bottom..."

"Er... Would you let me top?"

"You know very well that I would."

Harry smiled. "Because you're mine too. I want to try, one day. But I've always imagined our first time with you on top. What I don't understand is, if it's not different from what we've already done, why haven't we done it before?"

"As I once told you, the feeling of intimacy allowed by penetration is very intense. However, what we did this morning, a soixante-neuf, is no less intimate. When we discovered the magical empathy between us, it was too soon for any of those experiences. We were not used to such a degree of intimacy."

Harry slid his hands down Severus's back and squeezed his buttocks. Then Harry took him by surprise, boldly rolling on top of him, straddling him, sitting on top of Severus's erection and wriggling.

Severus had to invoke what little control he had left to lift Harry and then shove him against the mattress, reversing their positions.

When Severus could breathe again, he noticed he was trembling uncontrollably.

"Severus... I didn't know you wanted it so much. I had no idea. I'm so stupid."

Severus's breath came out of him in a long, shuddering sigh. He himself was amazed by how desperately he wanted Harry, by how close to the edge of control he was.

Harry clung to him more tightly, and they both took a moment to hold onto each other without moving, without speaking.

Severus lowered himself down, kissing Harry again and again, as if his life depended on it. "Oh, God..." Severus gasped, tearing his mouth from Harry's in order to press his face against the curve of Harry's neck. Then he kissed the spot right behind Harry's ear, dragging a groan from his young lover.

Severus wanted it so much it hurt. But he had to control himself, for Harry. Normally deft fingers fumbled as they groped for the lubricant phial. He pulled the stopper out, letting the smell of wild herbs and oils escape.

"What does your wondrous potion do, Sev?"

"It will make me last enough to make you come with my cock. It would spoil the fun if you came because I was coming first."

"Oh. You seem to have very detailed plans."

"I am a thorough man."

"I thought it was a potion to... make things easier, you know."

"It is, too. Added to the lubricant spell, it's perfect. You wouldn't be able to feel pain, even if you wanted it."

Listening to the words Severus had been saying to himself all day, Harry looked more relaxed. The power of words was amazing - it was, indeed, the very foundation of magic.

Severus rolled Harry face down. He stopped for a moment to admire the soft curve of Harry's arse and deposit a kiss on each of his buttocks. Then Severus coated his fingers with potion, separated Harry's buttocks and slid a single finger into Harry, who absorbed the intrusion with enthusiasm, opening for him. Severus could easily move his finger in and out.

The second finger was also eagerly welcomed after just a soft hitch of breath. Severus watched each small reaction of Harry, his own cock aching, throbbing with arousal. Harry found his own rhythm before Severus could set it, riding Severus's fingers.

The third finger was something new - Severus had never fucked him with three fingers before. Feeling Harry tense, Severus lay down beside him, kissed his shoulder, and whispered, "Try and continue moving as you were doing."

Severus knew it was more fear than pain that Harry was feeling, and a few more kisses in the curve of his neck helped to ease the tension. Severus flexed his fingers just a little and Harry moaned in pleasure.

"Oh! Yes, Sev, just like that. Again..."

Severus's lips curled into a sadistic smile. "No. You will come with my cock inside you."

"Ah... Then you'll have to hurry."

Severus carefully removed his fingers from Harry's body. Struggling to control his trembling hands, Severus reached for the lubricant phial again. Harry turned around to watch him spreading the potion on every inch of his cock. There was so much desire and wonder in Harry's eyes that Severus's heart skipped a beat. "Harry, if you only knew..."

"I know!"

"Do you really want it face-to-face? There are more comfortable positions..."

"I want to see your face."

"We could use a mirror."

"I don't want to see my face. Unless it's through your eyes."

Harry was right: to be able to see yourself in your lover's mind was amazing. Severus knelt between Harry's legs, held his ankles and propped them on his shoulders. He fetched his wand, cast a lubricant spell, put his wand aside and nudged the head of his cock against Harry's entrance. At the light touch, Harry whimpered and wriggled. Severus held the base of his own cock and pressed forward. When the delightful sensation of Harry's warmth around his cock threatened to overcome him, he lifted his eyes to Harry's face and saw him biting his lip and shutting his eyes.

"Breathe." Severus slid in slowly. Harry was so hot and tight... Severus waited for him to open his eyes to press deeper. He felt relieved to see Harry was getting used to the sensation. "Are you all right?" Severus asked, remembering they had agreed to keep talking. His voice, hoarse with tension and lust, was unrecognisable to his own ears.

Harry answered by arching up towards him. Severus groaned, sweat running down his spine. He adjusted Harry's legs to be able to change his angle and plunge deeper.

Severus was almost completely inside Harry. He knew that, if Harry wasn't speaking, it was because he was immersed in sensations he didn't know how to express. Then Harry's hand held his, and it was like drowning in bliss: the waves of magic blending, and pleasure spreading throughout their bodies.

Surprisingly, they could set a slow and comfortable pace. Suddenly Harry's voice surfaced in the middle of that sea of bliss. "Oh... Pity we can't stay like this forever."

Severus shivered. He realised he was buried inside Harry to the root. His balls brushed Harry's buttocks every time he thrust in. He thrust again and again, sliding his free hand down Harry's body from his chest across a nipple all the way to his hip.

Harry licked tenderly at one of Severus's fingertips, sucked the fingertip gently into his mouth and clenched his buttocks around Severus's cock.

Severus let out a muffled scream. "Oh, God!"

Severus's next thrust was totally out of control and dragged a scream from Harry. A scream of pleasure, Severus noticed, because he felt it too. "Do you like it?" Severus managed to ask.

"Yes, Sev... Again, please."

Severus thrust again, as if in thrall to Harry's command. They couldn't stop moving together, their bodies uniting and separating and uniting again in a frantic dance, their magic creating beautiful and delightful sensations. So this is how it feels, to be fully connected to your lover, to be as one, thought Severus.

Severus was thrusting so hard and deep now that their chests were touching. "Oh, Harry..."

"Oh, yes... Now, please..."

The impossible brat seemed to think Severus could make him come whenever he wanted! Severus's balls tightened. "Come, Harry, come."

And Severus could feel pleasure growing inside both of them, every part of their bodies tensing. He shoved deep inside and stayed there, feeling his cock empty itself in hard spurts. Severus buried his face in the curve of Harry's throat, smelling and tasting the warm flesh beneath. His heart was hammering as he came slowly to rest against his lover.

"Yes... Hold me..." said Harry. "I wish it could last forever."

Severus just brushed his knuckles on Harry's face, words failing him.

"You lied to me," murmured Harry. "That was fucking brilliant."

"I didn't lie to you. I never lie to you. I was... caught by surprise. I never thought it would be so... fucking brilliant, as you put it."



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