Cast of Charaters



CUTHBERT BINNS (History of Magic teacher) - Since he's a ghost, nobody pays attention to him. Perhaps he knows more than he seems to.

JONATHAN FENCE (Muggle Studies teacher) - Everybody knows that the new Muggle Studies teacher has a well-guarded secret...

FILIUS FLITWICK (Charms teacher, Head of Ravenclaw House and Deputy-Headmaster of Hogwarts) - Terrible suspicions seem to torment the friendly teacher. Are they justified? And is he as friendly as he seems to be?

RUBEUS HAGRID (Care of Magical Creatures teacher) - Could his loose tongue become a weapon for ill-intentioned people?

ROLANDA HOOCH (Quidditch teacher) - A passion for Quidditch brought her and the Headmistress together. Or could there be something else at play here?

REMUS LUPIN (Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher and Head of Gryffindor House) - Back at Hogwarts with his spouse, Lupin seems to be the same "good fellow" as always. Or is he hiding something?

MINERVA MCGONAGALL (Transfiguration teacher and Headmistress) - In her first year as Headmistress, McGonagall didn't expect the task to be easy. But neither did she expect to be charged with a crime.

AURORA SINISTRA (Astronomy teacher) - Could the Slytherin teacher's mysterious contacts have any connection with the crime in question? And is she aware of everything that happens in the Astronomy Tower?

HORACE SLUGHORN (Potions master) - The retired Potions master was specially invited by the Headmistress to come back to Hogwarts just for a year to teach the seventh years. However, Slughorn seems more concerned about his social connections than about what happens in his classroom.

SEVERUS SNAPE (Potions master and Head of Slytherin House) - Former-Death Eater, Snape would be the main suspect in the crime, if he wasn't considered a war hero in the Wizarding World. Who is Snape, after all? A hero or a traitor?

POMONA SPROUT (Herbology teacher and Head of Hufflepuff House) - Sprout tends to keep a distance from political disputes, apparently accepting the minor role assigned to her House. Or is this just a facade?

SYBILL TRELAWNEY (Divination teacher) - Her latest prophecy seems to have come true. Is she a fraud or not?

SEPTIMA VECTOR (Arithmancy teacher) - Vector strongly disagrees with some of the new Headmistress's decisions. Could this disagreement lead to... crime?

HILDR WYRD (Ancient Runes teacher) - Wyrd seems to know many of her colleagues' secrets. Is she hiding a secret too?



SIRIUS BLACK - In spite of his reckless appearance, Sirius Black is a powerful wizard. It is said that he has too much free time. He denies it: after all, he's writing the story of Harry Potter, and this isn't an easy task.

HARRY POTTER - Being the greatest hero of the Wizarding World makes Harry eligible for certain privileges. Will the Wizarding World finally realise the dangers of conferring wide-ranging powers on a teenager?!



LAVENDER BROWN (Gryffindor) - Sybill Trelawney's admirer, Lavender was present when the new prophecy was made.

DRACO MALFOY (Slytherin) - Snape's protegé and informant.

PARVATI PATIL (Gryffindor) - She was with her friend, Lavender, when Trelawney made the new prophecy.


Investigation Committee from the Ministry of Magic

NEIL NULLIGAN (Head of the Committee) - An experienced Auror, Nulligan is confronted by phenomena for which he can't find a logical explanation. Will he be able to solve the case?

TADG FORTESCUE - Brand new to the Ministry, Auror Fortescue finds himself in the middle of a complicated case. But unlike his Head, he has theories!

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