The Istfy's Curse


Part I

Part II



1. I used two different conventions in the transliteration of the Egyptian curses. As I don't know the language, I didn't want to standardise the transliterations I found, lest I make a mistake. For the same reason, I did not add any vowels to the spells. You will have to imagine that Severus pronounced them with the vowels included. If you want to know how the scholars tend to pronounce the Egyptian words, you can read about it here, but in many cases this is not the way ancient Egyptians used to pronounce them...

2. Istfy means "The Evil One". This is the corresponding hieroglyph:

3. Page Devoted to the god Min

4. "The Conflit between Seth and Horus" (spoilers to the second part of the story, but nothing terribly important to the plot, only a detail in the story).



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