CosmoWitch Exclusive: Ginny Snape

By Mia Spalotyx

Since the triple relationship between Harry Potter and Severus and Ginevra Snape was revealed four months ago, Ginevra "Ginny" Snape became the object of envy of many young witches. Born in a traditional, pure-blood family, the Weasleys, this girl with long red hair and bright brown eyes was Harry Potter's first girlfriend, while both of them were still at Hogwarts. But Ginny is not just a beautiful, attractive girl: she is also one of the greatest heroines in the last Great War, acting as a contact between the spy Severus Snape and the Order of the Phoenix, and fighting side-by-side with the Boy-Who-Lived. After the end of the War, Ginny accomplished two other feats: bringing together the former nemeses Harry Potter and Severus Snape and giving birth to twins by different fathers (by means of an ancient Greek ritual called Amphitryon). In an exclusive interview with CosmoWitch, this brave young woman complained about the treatment the press has given her family. Ginny welcomed us, exclusively and confidentially, in her cottage in Hogsmeade, where the triad lives with their three children: Julia (Snape's daughter) and the twins Michael (Potter's son) and Raphael (Snape's son). In her office, surrounded by hundreds of ancient books, Ginny enchanted us with her good humour and high spirits, demonstrated her ability to make the best of any situation (as she has been doing time and again in her 22 years), and revealed intimate details of her polyamorous relationship.

CosmoWitch: Is it true that you were Harry Potter's first girlfriend?

Ginny: Well, at least that's what he says...

CosmoWitch: And who was your first boyfriend?

Ginny: Michael Corner, a school mate.

CosmoWitch: When was your first sexual experience?

Ginny: [widening her eyes] People really answer that?

CosmoWitch: All the time.

Ginny: I had a very traditional upbringing: it was on my wedding night.

CosmoWitch: Everybody knows the story of how you came to know Harry Potter and how you became involved with Severus Snape. What we want to know now is, when and how did you realise there was a chance that the three of you could have a polyamorous relationship?

Ginny: Severus and I were walking on the street when Harry almost stumbled over me [laughs]. The next day, Harry came to visit us and brought a present for our baby-to-be (I was seven months pregnant). I knew Severus loved Harry. I still loved Harry, and believed Harry still loved me too. Then I noticed the way Harry looked at Severus, and... I could see the sparks flying... When Severus invited Harry to be our baby's godfather, I knew there was a strong possibility that we three would end up together.

CosmoWitch: How did you and your husband convinced Harry Potter to join you?

Ginny: We invited Harry to spend Easter with us and... you know how those things go.

CosmoWitch: You seduced him. [laughs]

Ginny: Or he seduced us!

CosmoWitch: Do you believe that multiple relationships like yours would be the rule in the future? Are you inaugurating a new era?

Ginny: We don't want to start any trends. We just love each other and want to live together in peace, without having to fight anyone. We're not saying one type of relationship is better than others per se. We have chosen to be a triad because this seems the best option for us now.

CosmoWitch: When you say "now" you are implying that this relationship may not last?

Ginny: Oh, no, that's not what I meant. But yes, people change, life changes. Even the best seer can't foresee all the future possibilities.

CosmoWitch: How did you manage to hide the secret about your twins from everyone for almost a year?

Ginny: Our closest friends and relatives knew, and they helped us a lot. It wasn't difficult. We're discreet. The only problem was that I had to give birth to the twins at home, instead of going to St Mungo's.

CosmoWitch: Wasn't it too risky, both for you and the babies?

Ginny: Oh, no. Clara... Mrs. Atwell, who worked for many years at St Mungo's and has a lot of experience with childbirth, helped us. Thanks to her, everything went well, and we could have our babies in a cosy, familiar atmosphere. In spite of Severus's and Harry's nervousness [laughs].

CosmoWitch: How are people reacting to the disclosure of your secret?

Ginny: The press has explored the issue in a sensationalistic way, but that didn't surprise us. We have received criticism by people who think we're doing what we're doing just to make the news. They say that especially about Harry, which is terribly unfair, because Harry never wanted to be famous. But we've been receiving a lot of support, too.

CosmoWitch: After your bombastic revelations of past July, your family disappeared for about two months. Where were you during this time?

Ginny: We planned everything thoroughly. We went to a country house in Aquitaine, France, that my older brother and my sister-in-law lent us. We spent two months there, during Harry's holidays, but we didn't lose contact with the British Wizarding World. A friend of ours sent us the newspapers and the correspondence. We wanted to say away from the confusion to protect our children, but we didn't want to lose contact with our reality, because we knew we would have to come back two months later, as we did.

CosmoWitch: You returned about two months ago. Has it been difficult to lead a normal life since then?

Ginny: Well, we're wizards. We've been using all our resources to protect ourselves. Now things are calming down. I've even decided to give you this interview!

CosmoWitch: Oh, but it wasn't easy to contact you!

Ginny: [laughs] I suppose it wasn't!

CosmoWitch: Why have you agreed to be interviewed by CosmoWitch?

Ginny: Because your editorial line seemed more open-minded than the other magazine's.

CosmoWitch: CosmoWitch is, indeed, a magazine for modern women, for bold women like you, who discuss the real problems we face in the Wizarding World. Speaking of that, how are you preparing your children to be active in the modern world when they become adults?

Ginny: I'd like my children to have a normal upbringing. That seems to be an impossible dream right now, but I hope that with time the media and the people in general will understand that we're just normal people like they are.

CosmoWitch: Do you have any complaints about the way the media has been covering your story?

Ginny: As I said before, the coverage has been too sensationalistic. I'm especially angry with the way some newspapers and magazines have been treating Severus, by raising negative issues related to his past as a Death Eater. Severus has already paid for his mistakes and, in my opinion, he should be considered a War hero and respected as such.

CosmoWitch: Let's talk about your relationship. How do you make decisions in your household? Does everyone have a say? Who is the ultimate authority? When there is a dispute, how it is resolved?

Ginny: We try and decide everything by consensus. We aim to have an egalitarian relationship and respect our personal preferences. When we disagree, we have to arrive at a compromise solution. But that happens with the presumed normal couples, too.

CosmoWitch: What happens when one of you feels excluded, or jealous of the other two?

Ginny: Oh, when that happens, we have to reaffirm our commitment to each other as a triad. We have to reassert that we want to "work" as a triad. It's not easy, but I'll say it again: this kind of problem also exists in a "normal" couple.

CosmoWitch: Did you feel jealous of your husband, before Potter came to live with you?

Ginny: Severus never gave me any reason to be jealous.

CosmoWitch: Was there someone else in his life before you?

Ginny: I don't want to comment about that.

CosmoWitch: There are rumours that Severus Snape might have had a crush on Lily Potter, Harry's mother...

Ginny: I'll not discuss Severus's love life.

CosmoWitch: There are also rumours that, in his youth, he might have had a relationship with Lucius Malfoy.

Ginny: What? [she widens her eyes] Lucius Malfoy? I know nothing about it. You'll have to ask Malfoy or Severus.

CosmoWitch: How good is the relationship between your first daughter and Harry Potter?

Ginny: Julia loves her godfather, and Harry is like a second father to her. They get along perfectly well.

CosmoWitch: Is sex between three people better than between just two people?

Ginny: [laughs] What an indiscreet question to ask! You know, sometimes we have sex just between two of us... Let's say that... there's a time for everything.

CosmoWitch: Do you feel privileged for having two "husbands"?

Ginny: We love each other, and they are wonderful men, so yes, I feel privileged. But I don't want to give the impression that having two "husbands" is better than having just one, because that's not always true. Like I said before: every person has to choose the relationship that most suits her or his needs.

CosmoWitch: The question our readers most want you to answer: how is Harry Potter in bed?

Ginny: Why do your readers want to know that?

CosmoWitch: Oh, you know how it is: people tend to identify themselves with their heroes.

Ginny: I see... But this is a kind of objetification. It's sad. We're normal people, we're not special. Er... This is a very personal interview. It's over soon, right?

CosmoWitch: Ah, but you're doing great. Just another question, okay? Do you need to take some deep breaths?

Ginny: No, let's just go through it.

CosmoWitch: Living with two men. Please provide one surprising detail.

Ginny: Oh, but I live with four men, now! I'm used to it: I was raised among six brothers. Well, let's just say that living with Harry and Severus is incredibly funny. They are incredibly funny.



"Funny? I'll show you what's funny," said Harry, coming close to the sofa where Ginny and Severus were sitting and pretending to strangle Ginny.

She stuck her tongue out and pretended to choke.

"I didn't find it funny at all," grumbled Severus. "All those personal questions..."

"I think Ginny did well by giving this interview," stated Harry, sitting between Ginny and Severus. "Not everyone will start loving us because of what she said, but perhaps some people will understand us better."

"They cut off half of what I said, but at least they didn't make up anything," said Ginny.

"If they did, they would have to answer to me. The Parkinsons respect me," said Severus, raising his chin.

"Ah, this is the magazine owned by Pansy's cousin?" asked Harry.

"Marie Parkinson is not only the owner, but also the editor of CosmoWitch. She's trying to make CosmoWitch a more progressive and feminist magazine than Witch Weekly, which is, as you know, full of gossips about celebrities."

Severus browsed the rest of the magazine. "Progressive? Feminist? I see no difference from other women magazines: fashion, beauty, advice about how to ensnare and please your wizard... " Severus wrinkled his nose in distaste.

Ginny shrugged. "They say it's a matter of focus."

"I think it's all the same crap," sentenced Severus.

"He's jealous because they asked me how you are in bed, and didn't ask about him," Ginny whispered to Harry.

"It's not funny, Ginevra. You know how much I despise the cult of celebrities."

"Hmm, Ginny, I think he's manipulating us, steering the subject away so that we don't ask him about Lucius," said Harry.

"Oh, it's true! Severus, what's up with that? Explain yourself!"

Severus was saved by the sudden entrance of Julia in the sitting room. Julia had just woken up and was rubbing her eyes sleepily.

"Mum, Raphael grabbed my toy train. He'll break it, I know he will."

"It doesn't matter, sweetheart. We can cast Reparo later. We have to be patient with men," said Ginny to Julia, winking at Harry and Severus.

"Oh, mum, but sometimes it's so hard!" exclaimed the little girl.

Severus crossed his arms. "That's exactly what I needed: a Sex War in my own house!"

"Do you think Ginny's raising Julia to be a CosmoWitch?" asked Harry.

"Over my dead body!" exclaimed Severus.


The End

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