October 31st, 2001


It was an exquisite blue moon night. A few minutes before midnight, they gathered in the garden. What they were about to do was somewhat against the pagan traditions: they were going to celebrate a fertility ritual on Halloween, which was a time to honour the dead and the harvest. It wouldn't be the first time that they would go against the tide, though...

Severus placed a big cauldron in the centre of the garden and started adding the ingredients: 1 dram of almond oil as a base, 10 drops of geranium oil, 20 drops of Frankincense, 30 drops of myrrh, three fresh rosemary sprigs, three cinnamon sticks and three whole cloves.

However, because the Amphitryon wasn't just a potion, but involved a ritual, while Severus prepared the potion, Harry and Ginny decorated a grapevine wreath with fertility symbols - a small cinnamon broom, a bird's nest with three polished stones in it, some turkey feathers, a small stuffed rabbit, and gems of amethyst, chrysoprase and aventurine. Julia would have a lot of fun if she were there with them, but she was already asleep. Anyway, she would be able to see the wreath in the morning: they added fresh flowers and greens and hung it on the door.

When the potion was ready, Severus served it into three mugs with a ladle, and they drank it.

Then they went inside and upstairs to bed. That night, they made love in every single position they knew... There was even a moment when, without any discomfort, Harry and Severus penetrated Ginny at the same time, phallus against phallus. Their pleasure had never been so deeply shared.

Later, exhausted, the three of them slept in a tangle of limbs.


Nine months later, on Harry's birthday, Ginny gave birth to Raphael Harry Snape and Michael Severus Potter. Both were red haired. Raphael had black eyes, so deep they seemed to swallow the light; Michael had green eyes, full of sparkle and life.

Harry and Severus didn't make distinctions between their sons. There were even those who said Harry was more attached to Raphael, and Severus to Michael.


The End

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