Chapter VIII


Arriving in my bedroom, I search his eyes. "How could you do that to me?"

"The Avada Kedavra?" His eyes become dreamy. "I didn't know you cared so much."

I didn't either, until now. God, we are slow. I wrap my arms around his shoulders and bring his mouth to mine with a passion I don't remember ever having felt before.

His tongue is a flame, and how great a fire a little flame can kindle! I try to tame it with mine, only to be caught in its mischief. I am as coal to burning coals, and wood to fire.

Yet when our lips part, I hand him my wand. "I believe there is nothing else I can do for you. Hence, I consider our Reciprocal Unbreakable Vow fulfilled. As I have vowed, here is my wand. I am yours to kill. I am yours to do with as you please."

He smirks and strokes my wand with his fingers. Then he puts both our wands on the bedside table. "I accept your offer. Yes, I want you to be mine," he says, with a smile that blends boldness and shyness. "But I don't think there's nothing else you can do for me. I think I still can use you for some time."

The idea doesn't disgust me. I knew he wasn't going to kill me, of course. I don't even know how I have managed to earn it, but I trust his Gryffindor loyalty. His dominant streak is a complete surprise, though. He pushes me, forcing me to lie down, and kneels beside me on the bed.

The hunger I see in his eyes excites me, mesmerising me with its emerald intensity. He lifts up my robes and undresses me. He stares at me with worshipping eyes, without touching me. I want his hands all over me; what a torture it is to have him so close and not to touch him. I reach out to tug on his nightshirt. He takes it off, and kneels again beside me, the proud, erect cock jutting out from a patch of dark hair. My eyes caress every inch of his lean body, and my cock swells with lust. He's so young, so beautiful.

Finally he lies beside me and his fingers touch my shoulders, slide to my chest, brush my nipples. I close my eyes, fighting the urge to grab his head and force it down. When I open them again, the little fiend is smiling and gazing at my hard cock, clearly enthralled by the effect he has on me.

I pull him towards me and kiss him again. Our tongues meet and I savour his sweet taste. My hands roam his body, stopping to play with his nipples, pinching and rolling them between my fingers. He moans.

I tear my lips from his and lick my way to his ear. I trace his shell with my tongue, dart it inside for a moment, making him shudder, then suck his earlobe into my mouth, nibbling it gently.

He rubs against me, wrapping his arms around me.

"Do you like to rub against me?" I ask him, my voice hoarse.

"Mmhmm," he answers.

I settle carefully on top of him, and match our bodies. He is only a little shorter than me. I rub my chest against his, then my stomach; I wedge a leg between his, thigh against thigh, and rub a foot on his calves. He cups my buttocks with his hands and rubs his feet on my legs.

When we have finally touched everywhere, I stop to search for his eyes, and find pure lust and want into them. He rolls me to my side and nuzzles his nose into my chest.

"I love your smell," he says. "It makes me crazy. You don't know the torture it was to sleep beside you without touching you."

"Harry... I wanted it, too. So much."

"Then why didn't you... Oh, I know. That day. I was mean. I thought I had to try and escape, you know."

"I know. I don't want to talk about it."

His lips and tongue find one of my nipples. He pulls at it with his teeth and I barely manage not to scream in pleasure. He looks at me, smiling, before repeating the process with the other nipple.

He begins to nip, suckle and lick his way down. He flicks his tongue in an out my navel, then slides a wet trail down and rubs his face against my cock.

Oh, God, I'm almost losing control. I hold his head gently and pull him up by his arm. "Come here. If you don't stop this now, it will be my ruin."

He flashes a crooked smile. "And they say it's the teens who have no control..."

Cheeky brat. I roll on top of him again, crushing him. He moans, more in pleasure than in pain. I bite his chin, his shoulders. He writhes, starting to enjoy the situation too much. I pull away.


I open the bedside table drawer and take the phial containing the lube I prepared with mineral and vegetal oils of the region. I turn to him again, open the phial and spread the lube on his fingers, and on mine too. He looks at me expectantly. I lie down beside him. "I shall do it to you so that you learn to do the same to me." I separate his cheeks. His heart beats fast. I massage the area around his hole, approaching it in a slow spiral. Finally, I slip a finger inside it. He tenses and hisses when I go past the muscled barrier. "Relax. It will feel good soon."

He moves into a more comfortable position and a bold finger ventures between my cheeks and inside my hole. I encourage him. "Yes. That's it."

He relaxes and seems to be enjoying the experience. He goes deeper, and lets me do the same.

"Put another finger in," I ask him.

Now two delightful fingers slide inside me, and I press my lips to his, eager for more contact. We simulate fucking with our fingers while exchanging wet kisses.

He rubs against me again and I know it's now or never... With a certain regret, I remove my finger from the warmth of his body and pull his hand from me.

I pour the lube into my hands and start to spread it on his cock, pulling his foreskin up and down.

He gasps. "Sev..."

"Don't call me 'Sev'," I protest, and don't stop teasing him.

"Aaah... Please..."

I can wait no longer either. "I want you inside me now," I say, in a tone that doesn't allow for disagreement.

Not that he seems inclined to disagree!

I lie back down, spread my legs, and he kneels between them. I bend my legs up. When he finally touches my hole with his cock, I nearly scream with pleasure. He slides in and stops, as if unable to believe what is happening. I arch up towards him. He widens his eyes, and holds my hips. He starts to set up a rhythm. A slow rhythm.

Suddenly he grabs me by the waist and shoves himself hard into me. He is so far inside me that I close my eyes and see stars; I have no words to express what he is doing to me. It's his first time. It shouldn't be so good.

His sparkling green eyes dazzle me. I wrap my legs tightly around his waist. Our bodies touch when he sinks to the root. Now the angle is perfect, his rhythm is relentless, and he gasps every time I thrust towards him. He holds my cock firmly, and keeps pumping it until waves of pleasure starts coursing through my body. The world turns into a whirling kaleidoscope of colours and sensations.

When I come to myself again, he is coming inside me, saying my name. I embrace him and feel the spasms running through his body. "My serpent-boy," I whisper, smoothing his dishevelled hair.

He moves to lie half on top of me and sifts the hair on my chest with his fingers. He raises misty eyes to me, and doesn't say a word. I don't say a word either. He has taken my breath away and I was left speechless.

~* ~* ~

We have been here for almost a month. The jacarandas are already in bloom. The weather has become too hot for our robes, so now we wear Muggle T-shirts and bermudas during the day and sleep naked.

The Dark Lord has been calling me regularly once a week. He ordered me to check if his Horcruxes are safe. He is sure that I can take care of Potter and fight Manticores and Inferi at the same time. Obviously, I have to agree. Every time he calls me I reassure him about one of his Horcruxes, weaving convoluted tales.

Harry is more self-confident now. We share the house duties. I don't have to watch him; he knows that he should not leave the estate. The estate is vast, full of plants, trees and animals. It's like being imprisoned in Heaven, but it's still a prison.

I search for signs of change in him. I am afraid he might either despair for not being able to remove the Horcrux spell from himself or, on the contrary, become a dark wizard. I am relieved to see none of these developments occur. He looks calm and peaceful, and doesn't manifest any new dark powers.

Sometimes I wonder if I should teach him the Dark Arts, but then I remember Albus's certainty that Harry would win due to the power of Love.

We get along quite well in bed. He is always affectionate, and he can't possibly have any complaints about me as a lover.

Of course there is always a tension between us; neither of us is calm or submissive, but this tension has positive aspects too.

We are very different and very alike at the same time.

I told him my entire story. I told him that Dumbledore had instructed me to be as close to the Dark Lord as possible. By killing Dumbledore, I earned the Dark Lord's trust. When the Dark Lord decided to kidnap his living Horcrux and keep him safe, far away from the war, I was entrusted with Harry's care, and accepted the task eagerly, for I knew it was the only way I had to teach Harry Occlumency and tell him everything the Dark Lord had revealed to me.

I don't know why Harry is still here. I'm afraid it is a suicidal impulse: Harry wants to meet the Dark Lord, and is waiting for him. I can't send him away; if he escapes, I will die, due to the Unbreakable Vow I have with the Dark Lord.

He likes to walk alone through the wood and play the flute I made for him. One day I saw him sitting on the bank of the lake, playing the flute to the snakes that surrounded him.

Yes, the snakes like him. But that doesn't make him a Dark Lord, does it?


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