The Marriage of the Century


The engagement of Amaryllis Malfoy, daughter of Draco and Pansy Malfoy, and Lionel Weasley, son of Ron and Hermione Weasley, had become the greatest topic of conversation in the Wizarding World. Their marriage would be an historical event, which would bring an end to a rivalry of many decades. The veteran reporter Rita Skeeter had insisted on taking photos of both families together: Arthur embracing Lucius, and Molly embracing Narcissa.

A week before the day appointed for the marriage, when everything was ready and the invitations had been sent, the young couple eloped to Brazil, where they were married in a simple ceremony. Harry Potter and Severus Snape, who were spending their summer holidays in the Sítio da Nhandu, were their witnesses.

Amaryllis and Lionel had tired of being "a symbol to the Wizarding World"; they just wanted to be together and alone. They stayed in Brazil and had a lot of sons and daughters, as is usual among the Weasleys. When Harry and Severus would come to Brazil, Amaryllis would take their children to visit them. The children loved playing Quidditch with Uncle Harry and talking to Grandpa Snape, who would teach them new spells and prepare amazing potions.


Ptyx, January 2006

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