The dungeons seemed colder than ever, but hope and expectation kept Severus's soul warm. Soon he would come. He was the only one who always knew exactly what to say. The only one who knew how to touch, just the way he liked it. The only one who knew how to make Severus feel wanted.

Severus emptied the glass of Firewhisky and put it on the bedside table. Hands a little shaky, he undressed and slipped beneath the blankets. That was how he liked to wait for his lover.

Severus started when he saw the tall outline against the backlightning from the bathroom, and his heart flipped over.

Snape was wearing his green bathrobe, hair still wet from the bath. Not greasy, just wet, and smelling of the herbal shampoo Severus himself had prepared, with just the proper blend of herbs.

"Severus," Snape whispered, his voice hoarse with lust. He let the bathrobe slide from his shoulders, exposing a lean body, sallow skin and impressive cock. He was neither handsome nor ugly: he was he, exactly the one Severus wanted. Snape stripped down the blankets and pressed his full weight on Severus's grateful flesh.

Severus closed his eyes, the better to hear that low voice that always made him shudder in pleasure. "Waiting for me? So eager."

He kissed just like Severus liked to be kissed, teasing him, nibbling his lower lip, sucking gently on it, then sliding a questing tongue into his mouth. Their tongues intertwined, their bodies connected, skin against skin, fitting together as one. Severus groaned. He was so perfect. Severus needed every vestige of control not to melt down immediately.

That wicked mouth moved down his neck, long slow licks on sensitive skin. Severus couldn't suppress a moan when soft, warm lips closed around a nipple. Snape sucked it, swirled his tongue around it, scraped his teeth on it, and then blew cold air on the wet trail.

"You're a slut, Severus. My slut," Snape said, in that voice that was husky and silky at the same time. Severus arched his body to rub their cocks together. "Oh!" Snape pulled firmly away. "So impatient!" As if determined to lick every inch of Severus's body, Snape wedged a leg between Severus's and went on - all around Severus and everywhere at once, firm and slick and warm. "You're the dirtiest whore I've ever fucked," Snape whispered, nibbling his earlobe and rubbing his hips against Severus's. "You're desperate for my touch. You lay sprawled open in this bed pining for my fingers, for my cock, for anything that will make you come."

Snape always provoked him, but that was precisely what Severus wanted. In the heat of their joining, his anger always dissolved into pure lust. "You well know I'm whatever you want me to be," Severus replied. "Now... suck me."

"Making demands, now, are we?" Snape snarled, working his way down Severus's body. He closed his lips around Severus's cock and slid down until the tender tip hit the back of his throat. Snape's hands gripped him tightly, his nails digging into Severus's hips.

The world seemed to spin off his axis, and Severus clutched the mattress for dear life. Snape's tongue swirled around his cock and pressed against it. Severus was almost there when Snape lifted his head.

"Not yet. You'll come only when I tell you to."

Surely he would lose his mind first! "Inside me," Severus growled, almost begging.

Then Snape hooked Severus's legs on his shoulders, summoned a phial of lubricant and coated his cock with the oil. A shudder ran through Severus's body as Snape pressed inside.

"Oh, so good," Severus murmured, opening completely for him, welcoming him inside.

Snape slid his palm down Severus's stomach, reaching for his cock. When Snape's fingers curled around his cock, a jolt of pleasure hit him, and he growled. Now Snape was slamming in harder and faster, pounding Severus against the mattress, crushing him, his thumb sliding along the pulsing vein in Severus's needy cock. All Severus could do was thrust back against Snape, and his body jerked up almost involuntarily.

Snape slid deeper, rocking his hips and changing the angle to hit Severus's prostate. Severus was writhing and moaning helplessly.

"Come now, Severus," said Snape in his grave and hoarse voice. Smirking, he lunged deeper and rubbed his thumb over the tip of Severus's cock. Severus felt his body shatter into a thousand splinters.

Snape held him close through the last waves of his orgasm. Then Snape began to thrust frantically into him, muttering incoherently until he came, burying his teeth in Severus's neck. "Oh, Severus. Fuck."

Severus embraced him tenderly, stroking his wet hair. "I love you. Spend the night with me. I want to feel your body against mine."

"You are becoming an incorrigible romantic, Severus."

But he stayed, at least while Severus was awake. It was so good to be with him! In the morning, Severus awakened alone in his bed, and smiled. He grabbed the Time-Turner Dumbledore had given him to help him in his spy duties and went to have a bath, anticipating the pleasure of another perfect shag. This time he would be on top.


The End

Ptyx, June 2005

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