Memory Charm


Severus Snape didn't know if he should celebrate or regret the day he had invented a potion that reversed memory loss.

The Rememory Potion had been responsible for the cure of Gilderoy Lockhart. With his charms and his talents for erasing the other people's memories without their notice, Gilderoy ended up as the new Minister for Magic.

Lockhart was thankful to Snape for his cure. He praised him constantly, and never failed to bless him with his presence. Snape had been named Special Counsellor for Potions. It was very hard work - Lockhart was always asking for new cosmetics - but financially rewarding. Catering to the demands of his boss, Snape had started to care for his hair and teeth properly and to frequent the social circuits. Last but not least, he had gained a lover.

Severus had achieved the fame he had always dreamed of, but something didn't seem quite right. He just couldn't remember what it was.

Ptyx, October 2005

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