Life's Gift

for Nym

The large wings spread out, the Eagle owl glides gracefully through the sky. Suddenly, he swoops down and catches his prey: a mouse. He soars into the sky again; a turn, a glide and he lands near the nest, where he is welcomed by the twitters of his four owlets.

He still has the same severe and haughty look he has always had, even when he looks at his mate and his owlets.

He lives with the humans, and he knows how obnoxious they can be. Not his Owner, though. His Owner is a reasonable man. However, even he has made serious mistakes. Like when he had tried to separate him from Hedwig and mate him with another Snowy, a fluffy, spoiled white owl! Of course it had been in vain. His Owner should have known better. Amplexus and Hedwig had even thought about eloping. Fortunately, the Owner's soul mate noticed how Hedwig was unhappy, and convinced the Owner that Amplexus and Hedwig should stay together.

It wasn't easy to feed a mate and four owlets, but he wouldn't want a different life. For a long time, he had thought he was a loner and would always be. However, life had other plans for him...

He approaches Hedwig, and she rests her head against his neck. Then he runs his large beak through the feathers of her neck, just the way he knows that she likes. They are together now, and life's not the torment that Amplexus once expected it to be.


The End

Ptyx, January 2005

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