A First Time


For the first time, Snape had left the lights on while they were together in bed. Harry found it strange to begin with. Snape's pale skin had spots he hadn't seen before; his nose looked even more beaky than usual and disproportionally large. Up close, Snape was even uglier than he had always seemed. But "ugly" was a childish concept that had long lost its meaning for Harry - such simplistic concepts didn't survive a war like the one they had gone through.

Snape embraced him and crushed their mouths together. Their tongues met and twined. Harry smiled: Snape had always been a dreadful kisser. And yet, that very awkwardness was a turn-on.

Harry knew that Snape was trying to hide behind that kiss. When Snape stopped to breathe, Harry tore his lips away and brushed aside the strands of black hair that covered Snape's face. Finally, Snape met his gaze. Only then Harry realised Snape was seeing him like that for the first time too. Snape's fingertips gently traced his face, and Harry's heart stopped for a second. Snape's dark eyes twinkled, and his lips curled into a soft smile. From then on, Harry couldn't see or think anything else.


Ptyx, January 2006

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