Two Can Play This Game


They were alone in the Staff Room. The day before, Minerva had returned from St Mungo's after recovering from the four Stunners cast on her when she had tried to deter the Aurors from sacking Hagrid.

Minerva was seated at the head of the long table, flipping through her accumulated mail; Severus paced the room.


"What is it, Severus?"

Severus sat abruptly on a chair at an angle to hers.

"Minerva, this can't go on. You... you shouldn't have gone there alone. You should have called the Order. Damn you, Minerva, four Stunners! I thought that... We might have lost you."

Minerva smiled, a little flushed.

"You were worried about me."

"You bloody Gryffindors... You believe that you can do anything, and you simply jump into the fire without actually thinking about the possible consequences of your actions. We, the rational ones, can only worry, because you don't give us another option. And in the end you are the ones who are acclaimed as heroes."

Minerva raised up her chin.

"Now listen, Severus Snape, the fact that you were worried about me doesn't give you the right to preach to me. I've never said a word about your actions. Don't tell me it's because you're rational that you do what you do for the Order."

"Of course it is. Because I am the only one who can play this role. This is very rational."

Minerva put her hand over his, which was clenched on the table.

"I worry about you too, Severus."

Silently, Severus put his other hand over hers, clasping her hand firmly between his.


The End

Ptyx, January 2005

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